We will cause to be established a full-service shopping are with convenient access to public services and facilities, to re-establish the local economy of the Vermont community in an effort to increase individual and business prosperity.

We will accomplish our mission by using our influence to improve the Vermont community by helping reduce crime and drugs through programs in education, training, and employment developed to address the needs of youth. We will implement community design standards, street improvements and a public works program that will promote the attractiveness and desirability of the area of development and provide economic incentives for reinvestment in our community.

By using a well-planned team approach, strategic planning and education, we will maximize the participation of community residents, community organizations, business owners, landowners, and city officials to ensure business development and retention. We will facilitate partnerships among business, financial and neighborhood entrepreneurs to acquire, develop and lease vacant properties within the Vermont community that promotes business ownership and employment opportunities for community residents.

We will focus on the basic services where there is a demand; food, housing, jobs, retail services and identify specific parcels appropriate for development. We will define trade areas, identify key location sites, conduct marketing studies, assemble development teams, assess financial feasibility, structure partnerships and negotiate ownership interests, and obtain financing as we increase investment inside the community.