VVCDC’s mission to help restore the Vermont Corridor and revitalization of the Vermont/Manchester community is a vital part of the vision set-forth by it’s founder Dr. Betty Price. To help create an atmosphere for change for the Vermont/Manchester community and by working with community groups. Council District #8, the Mayor’s Office, and various City departments and their constituency to change and/or enhance the quality of life for area residents social-economic development activities such as: the neighborhood beautification, task force symposium, and other related community events have helped build support for such projects, recruit volunteers, and add other media relations while addressing community issues of concern about public safety, land development, public transit and public services, as well as, other local area planning.

Through public and private partnership, VVCDC has obtained community grants for projects, established and developed relationships with public officials, corporations, and related groups in support of various programs and projects.

Civic Engagement strategies have created a presence for VVCDC, while clearly distinguishing between that of economic development activities. Organizing is the process of teaching people how to campaign and build public power for access towards self-sufficiency. While economic development creates the brick and mortar that increases the local economy in various ways: access to jobs, business, training, commercial development, creating housing, and other revenue generating activities.